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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 27 - Bad Connection

Signal: 2 to 3 bars
RSSI: -78 to -80 dBm
CINR: 10 to 11 dB
Time: 4:00pm to 1:30am
Browsing experience: I experience many connection timed out, some images, videos and pages are not loading, some video download speed are not reaching its max speed. 

Normal Download (Average)

Ping( 147ms
Packet Lost: 2%
Ping( 110ms
Packet Lost: 1%

Max Download (Average)
Ping( 897ms
Packet Lost: 2%
Ping(  850ms
Packet Lost: 2%
Normal Download
Ping statistics for Gateway):
Packets: Sent = 4529, Received = 4440, Lost = 89 (1% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 29ms, Maximum = 2691ms, Average = 110ms

Ping statistics for 
Packets: Sent = 4481, Received = 4383, Lost = 98 (2% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 64ms, Maximum = 2231ms, Average = 147ms

Max Download
Ping statistics for Gateway):
Packets: Sent = 177, Received = 173, Lost = 4 (2% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 568ms, Maximum = 1226ms, Average = 850ms

Ping statistics for 
Packets: Sent = 169, Received = 162, Lost = 7 (4% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 593ms, Maximum = 1226ms, Average = 897ms

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Spartacus said...

hi..thanks for this wonderful blog...glad you made this diary so i could have an idea how it is to have the new smart bro wimax. Just wanna ask if smart bro wimax have download limit? coz i download a lot in the internet. sometimes almost 10GB files sizes/movie...using rapishare or megaupload. sometimes torrents. also does smart bro wimax have lock in period. Thanks in advance and more power to your blog.

mjgruta said...

Hi!, i'm glad you like my blog.
As what I know, SmartBro WiMax don't have bandwidth capping or download limit, actually I still don't know because I still have 2 or 3 days left to reach my 1st month.
I really don't have problems on download speed, It can reach its max speed(1mbps or 125 kBps) using flashget or torrents.
Internet Browsing is my main problem, I experience lots of "The connection has timed out" even right now!.

SmartBro WiMAX have 24months or 2years lock in period.

Spartacus said...

thanks for the reply...though browsing would be my 2nd priority in the web (coz i have internet at work and here at home i just want to download stuffs) just want to ask if these "the connection has timed out" occurrances interrupt your download while using Download Manager like flashget. Does it stops and you have to start ur download again? i do know rapidshare doesnt support resumes on download managers. Also I do prefer these type of internet connection coz i move my laptop to pasay every week and back here to QC which is really convenient to me coz i can carry it with me. Thanks again in advance.

mjgruta said...

As for my experience, "The connection has timed out" is not affecting my download connection and speed. Ping are always low & I don't experience many "Request timed out" even when I max my download speed.
I don't really recommend WiMAX if you are moving from place to place because WiMAX base station or cell sites are not yet available in many areas. I can't even put my device inside my house or move it a little bit on its current position which is on the 2nd floor OUTSIDE of my house.

WiMAX is the best choice if you want a wireless internet access because it is the newest technology right now. When the competition of other ISP gets hot, 1mbps will definitely change to 2mbps or higher.

mottaka2828 said...

i just subscribed to smartbro wimax plan 999 last august 31, 2010. i am experiencing the same problem, request timed out especially at peak hours. i already called their customer service and went to smart wireless center but they only keep asking my cellphone number and promised to call so their tech support will reach me, but until now i haven't receive any of their calls. its really frustrating especially if you signed a contract that has 24months lock-in period with very bad services and support.

mjgruta said...

Hi mottaka, I really don't want to waste my time going or calling smart customer service. I like to troubleshoot problems by myself but if the problems are on their base station or cell sites then I can't do anything about it but to let it go.

I will add information, guides, summary, and many more if I have some spare time.

thanks for visiting my simple blog.

mottaka2828 said...

i saw your post in smart bro chronicles. good to see you there.. i've been doing all troubleshoot i know, but i really can't figure out how i have a 1mb speed, a good download speed but when surfing im always have to hit F5 several times pa bago ak mkapasok sa isang site. pareho talaga tayo ng problema. or siguro sa lahat ng nag subcribe ng smartbro wimax. as i read sa smarbro chronicles andami post dun na same ang problema pag nag susurf na.

Daryl said...

parehas tayo ng experience. i got this smartbro wimax last august din... the the first month that signal was good. i got like 2-3 bars.. but last thursday, sept 9, 2010, it became running lights only. Then it was hard to get signal eh same lang yong position ng wimax ko before. I called the *1888 but they were really sucks. They couldn't help me. I tried to trouble shoot my device but still not working. i even brought this to the wireless center. hopefully they will fix the problem, or else i will transfer to another network...

mottaka2828 said...

pano ka makakapagtransfer? pwed pa ba? eh dba may pernermahan tayong contratang lock-in period for 24months. dinala ko narin sa wireless center, wala rin kwenta kahit sa wireless center nila.
ng tumawag ako sa *1888 sabi pumunta daw ako sa sm-sukat para ma test ang modem. pero ng pumunta ako sa SM-sukat sabi sakin d daw sila nagtetest don, kailangan daw ako pumunta sa MOA, then pumunta naman ako, tapos sabi sakin ng frontline sa MOA sa sm-sukat daw ako pagpa test. sabi ko eh galing na ako don!!! ang gulo noh? nagulohan nga rin ako, pinasa pasa lang nila ako. siguro d talaga nila kaya itest ang wimax modem or kaya nga nila pero d naman talaga ang modem ang problema.

Daryl said...

definitely, the modem is not the issue here. but rather their network, coz when i went home today, I checked the signal of my wimax and it backed to 2-3 signals.. I'll check uli tomorrow kung okey na yong speed.. Kailangan mo pa talaga silang kulitin ska taasan ng boses for them to do some actions about your problem..

mottaka2828 said...

siguro ito ung nanyayari sa smart ngayon?tama po ba sir mjgruta? sensya na po d kasi ako sobrang techie..

mjgruta said...

sigurado po Base Station nila ang problem at hindi ang device natin.
Kahapon humina yung signal ko then sobrang dami ng Connection timed out hangang ngayong umaga.
Don't bother going to Smart Center because they will waste your time. Wait nyo nalang hangang mag OK ang signal baka maintenance yung Base station.
Mas maganda parin kung tumawag kayo sa *1888 if you have spare time para meron sila record ng problem nyo. Also take note the time you call and the name of the person na nakausap nyo para meron kayong personal record.

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